The last understood domicile of one’s offender

New courtroom nature and you may location out of property (eg, perhaps the house is property (immovable possessions) or individual property (movable possessions)) (Post 2123, 2128, Civil Password; Blogs forty-two, 55, 87, 114, Dominican Legislation 108-05).

The last recognized chronic quarters of one’s child, when it comes to those cases of minors. New domicile arranged because of the activities about stipulation arrangement for the newest dissolution of wedding.

Problems along side matrimonial family was subject to your family courtroom and/or ordinary civil demonstration process of law becoming family members court out-of the brand new defendant’s domicile (Post 59, Civil Process Password; Law 50-00; SCJ Res. 439-2004; Global Personal Liberties Law 544-14; de Castro v Castillo).


Regarding children, jurisdiction depends upon the last known domicile of one’s child. The fresh new competent courtroom is the Civil Chamber of the Tribunal to own Minors found in the Official Area of one’s minor’s domicile (Stuff 8, 9, 12, twenty six, 56, 109, 111, 112, 151, 154 (4), 160, Constitution; Posts 65, 209, 211, 213, Code on the Safety of Minors’ Fundamentals Liberties; SCJ Res. 1471-2005 (2005); SCJ Res. 1841-2005 (2005); SCJ Res. 480-2008 (2008); Inside the lso are: Morillo, SCJ B.J. 1186, Delivered. 2, (2009); Posts 5, 6, Around the world Individual Liberties Law). Continue reading “The last understood domicile of one’s offender”