Tunes towards rue theme try trait away from Lithuanian folklore

In one version of Lithuanian grazing tune, the new mythopoetic image of rue is linked with the images off dew and you may an excellent cow swimming regarding the water: ‘Ralia rolia, Cow, rue,/ [. ] In which could you be? / [. ] Exploit is actually swam tossed brand new oceans,/ [. ] Mine was dew rubbed, / [. ] Mine a turf is consumed, / [. ] Cow was grazed of the cowherds, / Ralia rolia, Cow’s milk products is drinked’. (KTR 120 (35), Ignalina part, Lithuania, submitted inside the 1987).

In another tune, rue is actually of the Morning Celebrity and you may a flower garden on the turf: “Oh Morning Celebrity / Regarding the lawn, ciuto, / About rose garden, ruto” (Slaviunas 1959: 365-367).

New wreath symbolically represents the newest vulva, together with horse’s trampling of good rue yard, said regarding audio, are tantamount to presenting a good sexual intercourse having a good virgin (1935: 235-237)

An effective wreath away from rue is much more from a symbol characteristics, throughout the real customs rue was only that herb one of multiple that could be merely woven to the an excellent bride’s wreath to help you enhance the top brand new crown, otherwise a small wreath regarding rue might be connected to an effective bride’s direct.

New mythopoetic image of rue (otherwise a good wreath out of rue) in the folklore signifies good girl’s adolescence, an effective bride’s virginity, absolute matrimonial love, readiness, therefore the purpose in order to marry itself

A greatest sort of relationship tunes informs about an excellent boy exactly who rides into a horse one to steps to the an excellent girl’s rue lawn and you may tramples off rue; or a beneficial girl asks a boy to return their particular rue wreath, but the guy refuses while the he’s given it so you’re able to their pony. Continue reading “Tunes towards rue theme try trait away from Lithuanian folklore”