Why would a couple marry in Sweden?

Prior research has also pointed so you’re able to gendered differences in how guys and you can female strategy matrimony. Research in the usa provides showed that women’s matrimony purposes was ). Wiik, Bernhardt, and you may Noack (2010) discovered you to from inside the Scandinavia, dedication to the brand new union is the most essential grounds deciding ladies’ matrimony objectives, while for males, relationship in combination with their unique as well as their lover’s socioeconomic functions (knowledge and you may income) is actually outstanding. Hence, the socioeconomic sourced elements of per lover is generally decisive, possibly especially for dudes. Cho, Cui, and you can Clardige (2018) used Us studies from the Fragile Relatives and Child Wellbeing Studies to evaluate if or not mothers’ or fathers’ intentions to marry mattered a great deal more, the answer as the former. But not, brand new books isn’t uniform on whose intentions are more very important. Continue reading “Why would a couple marry in Sweden?”