More Syrian parents into the Jordan turning to child relationship

Much more household just who fled the latest today half dozen-year-old civil conflict home try marrying out-of daughters to ease this new monetary burden otherwise manage the fresh “honour” away from girls seen as insecure additional its homeland.

Within the 2015, brides between the period of 13 and you can 17 comprised nearly 44 percent of the many Syrian female when you look at the Michael jordan delivering .

That have Syrians likely to stay static in exile for a long time, it is a harmful pattern to possess refugees in addition to their overburdened machine nation, United nations and you can Jordanian authorities state.

Immediately after returning domestic, new teen temporarily went to an informal studies and children’s assistance plan called Makani that is manage by the United nations youngster passion agencies or any other help communities from the centers across Jordan

So much more Syrian girls loses from knowledge, because most youngster brides drop out off university. They generally get married fellow Syrians that but a few age more mature, will without a reliable employment – a good constellation that assists perpetuate impoverishment. Continue reading “More Syrian parents into the Jordan turning to child relationship”