Yan Wang ‘s the goodness away from demise and you can queen about afterlife

Yan Wang

He or she is best of the many Lords regarding Dying whom rule the new areas of the new underworld. He’s called Yang-Wang-Yeh, Lord Yama, and you will Lord Yama Queen. Yan Wang presides along side view regarding souls and you can identifies if or not they’ll certainly be punished due to their criminal activities in life, move to accept brand new gods, or perhaps reincarnated. In one single well-known story, good soldier entitled Commandant Yang, who had brought about a lot of distress and misery in the their existence, passed away and appeared in the newest court away from Yan Wang.

Yan Wang asked him just how he had managed to build up so many sins on the his heart in the short-time the guy is actually on earth. Yang advertised he was innocent along with done nothing wrong. Yan Wang demanded brand new scrolls out of Yang’s existence to-be put for the where the time and date out-of their sins have been comprehend plus who had been impacted and how of several got passed away due to the fact away from Yang’s selfishness. Yang try destined by Lord away from Demise, and you will a great give featured and this seized him up-and soil him. It absolutely was said that one can avoid punishment for one’s sins on the planet however, nobody you will escape fairness on legal out-of Yan Wang.

Nuwa & Fuxi

Nuwa and you can Fuxi have been the mother and father deities off person beings. Nuwa came to be at the beginning of development and you will repaired brand new problems generated initially so that which you are finest. She built a palace for herself, and this turned the model to possess Chinese buildings, and you can stayed truth be told there along with her pal and you can sis Fuxi, one another represented since the person-dragons having people heads and dragon bodies or people government so you’re able to brand new waist and you can dragon foot and you can tails. Continue reading “Yan Wang ‘s the goodness away from demise and you can queen about afterlife”