Milan Zaviacic – brand new Slovak researcher exactly who discovered the feminine prostate

Nowadays Slovakia have not offered of a lot significant success within the the world of scientific innovation. Many physicians declare that insufficient cash is the brand new center of your own disease. But Radio Slovakia International’s Katarina Richterova did choose one Slovak just who has made a significant knowledge that may provides very important effects for women.

I am during the Bratislava’s faculty away from medicine, new institution off cystic, in search for an excellent Slovak medical conclusion. We select nervous children condition up to about hall. Could i inquire what you’re waiting for?

The latest organ is mostly high with respect to sexual fulfillment to possess women; nevertheless provides a healthcare significance to help you they also

What’s the first topic you must know, in which they might place your out for people who didn’t discover they?

“We would like to understand a great deal about this, for example the histology of your female prostate, the way it is actually discovered, since it is the study from Teacher Zaviacic.”

“In my opinion the female prostate is something this new worldwide out-of pathology, because the of a lot experts claimed the feminine prostate doesn’t exists. Mr. Down the road we will see essential it’s to possess practice.”

Prof. Milan Zaviacic might have been evaluating female anatomy since 1980. Alarming although it elizabeth towards achievement that women, identical to dudes, has their own prostate.

“The female prostate has the exact same functions as a man prostate, particularly regarding the uroendocrine devices and you may creation of the latest secretion.”

Nevertheless feminine prostate does are very different quite from the men similar. It is as much as one fourth of size. Some other distinction is that the.

“The feminine prostate is found in the latest wall structure of one’s feminine urethra while the male prostate is about the urethra.”

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