What is a prenuptial agreement otherwise prenup?

Within country, to have lovers with however chose to marry but keeps a partnership with court effects, there is certainly a form of appropriate commitment.

A familiar-rules marriage or residential partnership, on a regular basis labeled as “unin marital de- hecho” otherwise “unin libre”. This partnership relates to a form of secure and you may long-lasting cohabitation anywhere between a couple which know each other since the long lasting people and you can plan to alive to each other without getting legitimately hitched. Which court profile recognizes and you can covers the brand new legal rights and you can obligations out-of people traditions getbride.org daha fazla oku to each other inside sorts of partnership.

Some requirements would be to happens on the connection to exist, such as for example coexistence and you can balances of one’s dating. Continue reading “What is a prenuptial agreement otherwise prenup?”